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F.A.Q.'s about Insurance Claims:

Q: If I file an Insurance claim for storm damage will my Insurance company cover all the costs of my new roof?

A: If you have qualifying wind, or hail damage your insurance company will cover all of your roof costs, less your deductible.

Q: What would qualify me to have  enough damage for my insurance company to pay for a new roof?

A: All Insurance companies have different policies, call today and set up a FREE INSPECTION.

Q: Will my Insurance rates increase if I file a claim?

A: Your Insurance rates CANNOT be raised for a storm damage claim, it is considered an act of god.

Q: If my Insurance company does approve me for a new roof am I obligated to purchase a roof?

A: NO, we represent you for FREE, our goal is to get you a new roof paid for by storm damage replacement funds.

Q. What if my Insurance company has denied my claim already?

A. You could have a partial denial or a full denial of your roof replacement. If you have a partial denial, or partial payment this could affect you negatively in the future. Either way always get a second opinion. We have gotten people approved for a full roof replacement after a denial. Call Today!

Q. It seems all my neighbors are getting new roofs could I have damage and not realize it?

A. YES! Most roofs in GA are paid for by Insurance claims due to Hail and Wind Damage.