Stephanie L. Cooper,
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First things first! The number one question when I arrive to meet a client or the Insurance adjuster is " your the roofer "? Yes I am and proud of it! Then everyone wants to know how I got into this.

I am a former Insurance agent myself. I was a partner of three Insurance agencies. Which is why I am more qualified than my competition. I have been on the other side. Roof Smith, Inc. works 100% with storm damage claims. We have never sold or installed a roof that was not 100% covered due to Hail or Wind Damage. Most of what I do is meet with Insurance adjusters and work with claims. Making sure you are getting paid for everything by the GA Insurance Laws. I have never had an adjuster ask or pay for code upgrades without me submitting the codes and asking for adjustments to the claim. Many things can be missed on the initial claim the Insurance company sends you. It could be as simple as the adjuster who was on site was not the person who ends up writing your claim. So there can be a lot lost in translation. Some Insurance adjusters are so busy they only assess damage, so they will assign you an inside adjuster. This is why it is important that you have someone representing you and working for you!

I owned a Kitchen and Bath Showroom for over 10 years. We designed, and completely remodeled Kitchens and Baths. Trust me after doing that, installing roofs is easy! I have the best roofing crew in the business, and I demand perfection! I am used to clients living around our work and most kitchen remodels take up to four weeks. Most roofs are installed in 2 days. The materials are all in stock and we proudly use C.R.S in Doraville, GA. I order the dumpster, the roof materials and my crew starts 6:30am and they work until dark. My crew leader Tino Rendon is the best in the business and our clients love him. I always get rave reviews about his workmanship, completions of jobs, and mostly how clean the job site was.

In closing this seemed like the perfect fit. After working for another
I started my own business within 2 months.

I look forward to getting you approved for a new roof!